Sustainable Surf Culture – Past, Present, and Future

What does “sustainability” mean for surf culture? It’s a term that is widely used, but rarely well defined. We know it’s a good thing, but struggle to create a world view around it.

These panels are what you would see if you visited the exhibit. They provide a holistic view of how individuals, businesses, and entire societies engage with the principles of sustainability (or the need for such principles). Click on each image below to read the story of each Station of the exhibit.


Explore the roots of sustainable surfing and culture.


Celebrates the model surfboard materials that created the high-performance sport of today, but that also have some environmental and human health impacts.


Cutting-edge sustainable materials can make high-performance surfboards with much lower impact on the oceans.


Sustainability isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. There are major threats to our oceans, waves, and beaches. The ocean is threatened with changes that are unprecedented in the geologic history of the Earth. Surfers need to understand that our entire culture is not sustainable on our present path.


Sustainable surfing starts with your surfboard, but it can go much farther. Learn how the surf industry and surfers themselves are creating this change.