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Here’s where you can learn about the holistic view of sustainability within surf culture. There are five sections to the exhibit:

  • Polynesian Perfection
    Explores the roots of sustainable surfing and culture. The Hawaiian Islands had a sustainable society, and produced the first “sustainable” surfboards.
  • Plastic Fantastic
    Celebrates the modern materials which helped surfing evolve to high performance, but also discusses the toxic and environmental drawbacks of these materials.
  • Future Forward
    Cutting-edge sustainable materials can make high-performance surfboards with much lower impact on the oceans.
  • Ocean Emergency
    There are major threats to our oceans, waves, and beaches. The ocean is threatened with changes that are unprecedented in the geologic history of the Earth. Surfers need to understand that our current path is not sustainable.
  • Sustainable Solutions
    Sustainable surfing starts with your surfboard, but it can go much farther. Learn how the surf industry and surfers themselves are creating this change.

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Kiosk Displays
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